Another Dimension

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The secret that haunts us is camouflaged by the very instruments we use to describe it.

Hurry now, so you can rest later (unless you don’t mind being late)!

Get to work on time, or, if out of work have time on your hands.

If you have what it takes, you can buy some. On the other hand, you may have more time than money. But time is money!?

Time to eat? Time to go to bed? Let me know when it’s time, please.

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Icebreaker mishap 

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We’ve lived here for thirty years…

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“The days are so short!”

“The cold’s not so bad… it’s the wind.”

“A little snow on the ground makes a lot of difference. Takes the chill out.”

“As long as you dress for it…”

And lastly:

“Spring will be here in three months.”

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The Lame Shall Enter First

December 14, 2018 Leave a comment

“Good!” Johnson said savagely. He thrust his head forward.

“Listen here,” he hissed, “I don’t care if he’s good or not. He ain’t right!”

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Get that thing over there and put it with the other stuff…

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“That grinder thing is hard to clean.”

“What ‘grinder thing’?”

“With the blades – the round plastic thing.”

“Food processor?”

“Yeah. It’s got a lot of nooks and crannies.”


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Bay Shipbuilders

December 12, 2018 Leave a comment


“Hawaii ain’t Wisconsin!”

(They’ve got sugarcane there.)

“You might as well say Cuba ain’t the United States… ”

“Kennedy, y’know…”


“Not so cold today, anyways.”

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